About Us

We’re a small Plant Nursery situated in the beautiful Huon Valley in southern Tasmania.

Our young business was established in 2005 by Mireille and Peter Gautschi with the aim of providing quality plants to retail customers at prices that everyone can afford.
At Cradoc Nursery we do not use chemicals, weedkillers and insecticides. Our nursery is – while not certified – being run to organic principles.

We love Native Plants and have a large range of them available. They are ideally suited to the conditions and climate. They usually don’t need to be watered anymore once established, which makes them an excellent choice.

Many customers comment on the fact that the plants we sell are very healthy and once in the ground establish quickly and grow vigorously.

We look very much forward to welcoming you at our nursery. Or, if you are not in the area, to send your selection by mail order.