Plant listComplete list of plants sorted to botanical names
Plant listComplete list of plants sorted to common names

Plants grouped to growth habit and features:
Australian Native PlantsAustralian Native Plants
Tasmanian Native PlantsTasmanian Native Plants
Bushfood / BushTuckerBushfood (Bush Tucker) Plants
Cottage PlantsCottage Plants
GroundcoversGround Covers
Clumps and GrassesClumps and Grasses
Climbing plantsClimbers
Fruit and BerriesFruit and Berries
Pot PlantsIndoor and Pot Plants
Hedge PlantsSuitable for Hedges
Coastal PlantsSuitable for Coastal Areas
Pot plantsCan be grown in Pot or Container
Bird attracting plantsBird Attracting Plants
Fast growing plantsFast Growing Plants
Rockery plantsSuitable for Rockery
Border plantsSuitable for Border
Cut flowersPlants for Cut Flowers
Fire retardant plantsFire Retardant Plants
Plants for wet spotsPlants for Wet Spots
Drought tolerant plantsDrought tolerant Plants

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