Selaginella kraussiana 

Selaginella kraussiana
Common name(s): Spreading Club Moss
Family Selaginellaceae
Approx. height: 0.1 m
Approx. width: 0.5 m
Preferred position:Part Shade
Flower colour:
Flower season
Water requirementHigh
Frost tolerant:Light
Currently in stock:¹Yes

Selaginella kraussiana / Spreading Club Moss

- Suitable for rockery
- Suitable for pot or container

Description: Selaginella kraussiana is a spreading, perennial groundcover that forms a dense, weed supressing mat. It is ideal for hanging baskets.

Cultivation: Likes a moist, humus rich soil. Likes a partly shady spot but will tolerate full sun or shade.

Propagation: Division

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